Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Vatsheel Singh ji

Please notince the extra 'ji' that I have used. Because of his personality, it becomes binding for me to use it. Here is a person who is as adamant on his opinion as 'Rock of Gibraltar'(given his love for cricket, its befitting to use some quotes from Siddhu). Here is a person who never attends a Hall day, who never ate his Sunday lunch at hall 2 and instead used to go all the way to hall 7. Here is a person who is slow than the slowest bowler and whose flight is so tantalizing that you just cant resist to stay inside your crease while facing him. He is an encyclopedia of cricket and politics. His ability to remember statistics and events is unmatchable and so is his ability to mix these things in his day to day conversations and so is his ability to debate upon these topics. He is a person with very rigid believes but not so rigid immunity :). He is a unique character in himself, unique in his talks, unique in his walk and unique in the determination and persistence that he posseses. Best of luck to you for your future.

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