Wednesday, July 8, 2009

A cloudy night

Against the backdrop of the moon, a clouded sky looks so much more animated than a clear sky. Clear sky insinuates the stillness. It hides the cosmic chaos and transpires tranquility to the onlookers. It makes you realize its vastness.

The stars look so close but are yet so distant. It must be really lonely up there. No one is in the vicinity. No one is in the reach. There is a separation of a light year from the nearest kin. There is a restlessness there. With each passing moment, the entropy increases. The star is doomed to fuse into its core, eventually bringing its own demise.

But all that we see is a gleam. We rejoice while it burns. The twinkle hides its sorrows. The air screens the heat. And the distance prevents the realization.

The clouds on the other hand are gregarious. They love their lot. The sky is their playground. They chase each other. They embrace each other. They disperse and then assemble. They take shapes and create designs. The moon is their pal and the wind is their guide.

The clouds fill the sky with their colours. They are white and violet and black. And when they cover the moon, you can see some yellow too.

The clouds seem to contain the sky. The make the space look finite. And they look so delicate. If only you could reach them, you could crumble them.

But they are not delicate. They are mighty. They could hide those giant stars and the moon. But the creator was prudent in not vesting them with the supreme power. Else they would have been been too proud. They would have lost their cheerfulness.

The almighty let the wind control the clouds. But he also let the earth control the wind and the stars control the earth. This way he induced symbiosis into the whole structure. He was able to preclude tyranny. One could thrive only with the mutual cooperation. He inscribed this message in all his creation. If only we could read them.


†J said...

Imagery with the words & playing with a message...

Good work!

Guess,Lots of thinking and analysis is up !

A Neophyte said...

Thanks, but actually it didn't require that much of thinking.. It was clouded outside when I wrote it.. So all I had to do was to pen down what I had just seen..

Chiya said...

Spontaneous n nice.:D

I love sky gazing. especially when sky is slightly clouded and I am alone in the terrace. It kinda sends me into a trance.

Very Beautiful pic u have provided. Caught my eye. (myself being interested in pic)

Chiya said...

correction: interested in photography (not in pic.)

deleted a comment. same message got posted two times.

take care.

Kush said...

Another nice post.. sorry couldn't keep up with your pace of writing blogs. :(

suruchi said...

As I was reading you, I remembered my own overflowing thoughts when once I had noticed a similar interplay of day and night across the horizon...

It's amazing how mesmerizing the story of the floor of heaven can get if we just take a while to look at it...:)

You've made me want to look at the cloudy night again...maybe this time through your perspective:)

great read:)