Monday, April 13, 2009


I love the nights
I love the darkness
I love the silence
And also the stillness

I love the coolness
Of night and of the moon
I love the relief
From the scorching noon

I love the yellow lamps
I love the trees they lit
I love the trees they hide
The trees tall and big

I love the twinkling stars
I love sky black and blue
I love the music
I love the dew

I love to stroll
I love to think
I love to watch the fan
Without a blink

I hear the insects
From the world unknown
I love to stroll
I love being alone

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Kush Sharma aka Bad** aka Transporter

His characteristics are so dominant that they have become his aliases. Kush is a package of unexpected things. On meeting him, one cannot get any idea of the person who is behind that innocent and smiling face(with a french beard). He is great cycler(can carry 2-3 people on his cycle for which he has earned the nickname Transporter), a great programmer and a great gamer(here we are 'just' talking about the computer games). He is someone who does everything in excess. When he reads, he reads like a maniac. When he watches movie, then there is nothing in his world except movies. When he sleeps, he sleeps like a dead man. His bathing and cleaning habits can disgust you. These along with his eating habits can make you wonder how this guy manages to remain in a condition he is in. As I have already said, he is a package of unexpected things. One day out of nowhere, he writes a poem. Another day, he suddenly starts chatting with some girl. And some another day, he even takes a bath. He is a great writer, a very imaginative person who comes out with some excellent one-liners from time to time. He is very friendly and helpful person. But the part that I really admire about him is that even before coming to IITK, he knew what he wanted to do. And he did whatever he could to achieve it. He could also be ranked as the most talented singer of our wing after me. Do watch out for our duets in the future :).

Aman Bhatia aka Bhatia aka Gattu

To describe Bhatia in one line, I would say that he is the personification of Little Johnny with some more brain that he uses sometimes for his studies and most of the times for devising new pranks which he plays on innocent beings who are unaware of his diabolical intentions. You just dont mess with Bhatia because he will always come back at you. To elaborate more on Bhatia his body structure and technical prowess is comparable to Dexter, his wittiness and his spontaneity is comparable to Tenaliram, his agility is comparable to Powerpuff Girls, his tendency to avoid girls is comparable to that of Superman's to avoid Kryptonite and his love for incomprehensible rock music and Chinkis will probably surpass Tendulkar's love for cricket. He is one of the best programmer and is another of the rubic's cube freak of the wing. His ability to sleep in the class is unmatchable. He will stand beside you in your times of trouble and at other times he remains busy in creating troubles for you. He is a person with infinite capabilities. A person who will always succeed in whatever he aims at. I wish you a best of luck for your future.

Vatsheel Singh ji

Please notince the extra 'ji' that I have used. Because of his personality, it becomes binding for me to use it. Here is a person who is as adamant on his opinion as 'Rock of Gibraltar'(given his love for cricket, its befitting to use some quotes from Siddhu). Here is a person who never attends a Hall day, who never ate his Sunday lunch at hall 2 and instead used to go all the way to hall 7. Here is a person who is slow than the slowest bowler and whose flight is so tantalizing that you just cant resist to stay inside your crease while facing him. He is an encyclopedia of cricket and politics. His ability to remember statistics and events is unmatchable and so is his ability to mix these things in his day to day conversations and so is his ability to debate upon these topics. He is a person with very rigid believes but not so rigid immunity :). He is a unique character in himself, unique in his talks, unique in his walk and unique in the determination and persistence that he posseses. Best of luck to you for your future.

Shantanu Maheshwari aka Shanu

Imagine a person who bathe two times a day, who smells like rose, who attends classes daily, who can bore you to death, who hates cricket like no one else and believes that commendations Tendulaker receives are over-hyped, who is very limited in his description, who fundamentally opposes PJs and lesbian-ism, who is as shy as a mouse when it comes to talking to girls, who is juvenile when it comes to handling relationships, who is as irrational as a person can get, who is cynical in his views of the world, who is as pessimistic as Holden Caulfield, who is as white as Snowhite and who is as non-imaginative as hindi cricket commentators. Now imagine a person completely opposite to this person. That is Shantanu Maheshwari for you.

Saurabh Chaudhary aka Saucy aka RedSauce

All those people who study marketing should take him up as a case study. The nickname Saucy that was chosen by him only (unlike others whose nicknames are kept by their friends) and has since then become so popular that some other people have kept their nicknames on his line. He is a rubic's cube freak. In fact, he is the person responsible for destroying life of many at IIT Kanpur by introducing cubing here. He is a die hard beatle fan. Of late, he sometimes even reply to you through their lyrics. He is a bit introvert and doesnt like to mix with people other than his friend circle. While talking to him on the phone, sometime one even wonders whether there is someone on the other side of the line or not. Thats the kind of guy Saucy is. He is a philosopher, great photographer, a novice painter and a very good writer although he writes very seldomly. And one thing which is completely unique to him is his sleep(and also his alarm clock which is awfully loud and can wake up people who are 2-3 rooms far but just cant wake up Saucy). He is always helpful, sometimes cheerful and sometimes even moody. Always shy to talk to girls. He is a jewel of a person, a friend that everyone must have.

Afroz Mohiuddin aka Afro aka Chintu

The only reason I had not written his testimonial before this was because I thought that my writing will not be able to match his deeds. Afro, doston ka dost aur dushmanon ka bhi dost. Afro, the teacher's pet. Afro, saviour of god knows how many people of Dabba department. He is a friend that one must have( and if you dont have someone like him as a friend then never miss any class, do all your assignments on time and study well before the exams). His love story(ies) could be a great inspiration for thousands of IITians who think that they are the only one without a girl. This guy is capable of entertaining you with his antics and thats why he has been nicknamd Chintu. He is passionate about cricket and remains one of the very few person whom I have seen playing phatta in kurta pyjama. For Afro, the word impossible really means i-m-possible. There is nothing that he cant do. He can study some of the most boring subjects, read some of the most seemingly non-comprehensible papers. But there are few people who sometimes wish that people like should not exist(these are the people who have same thesis guide as his :)). In all, he is a friend on whom you can blindly trust and can bank in your hour of need.

Ashank Mittal aka Asky aka CoolAsky

There probably isn't anything left on the Campus which he had not tried. He has tried to learn singing, playing guitar. He joined the French and German class. He has also been a senator. At one point of time he was doing 7 courses. All these things tell a lot about this person. He is someone who believes in trying new things. Sometimes he try things just for the sake of trying. What more to say? He is an awful sportsman, a more awful dancer(and someone seriously need to explain that to him). He has deep interest in religion and history. People who went to Khajuraho trip with him are evidence to this fact. He is also the "Debate Master". But sometimes he can test your limits with his debate. He loves leisure walk at night time. He also care a lot about his motapa. Some people call him "Safedi ki Chamkahat". But as his ex-roomie, I know that this safedi is capable of attracting myriad of girls. But inspite of that, he remains the only "Khantal putra" who is single as of now :). The testimonial would be incomplete if I dont mention his penchant for TV serials. God knows how many serials he must have watched. In fact, all the serials that I have watched are the ones that I had seen him watching. In all, this guy is daring and straightforward. A friend that one must have.

Rajiv Choudhary aka Commando

He got this nickname during our NCC days for some reason which I dont remember. But his build, his accent, his coolness just justifies this nickname. He is one of the most coolest and carefree guys and just dont worry about anything - a Jat's way of thinking. He has changed a lot since the time we came here. He has become lot more aware and confident. In fact, he has started talking to girls too(this transition came after the internship in US). He is also a great cricket enthusiast. He is one of the fastest bowlers that I have faced. There are so many things which are unique to him. The way he speaks, the way he runs, the way he laughs. He is the most hardworking of the four CSE guys of our wing. I hope he remains the way he is. Wishing you a very good luck for your future.