Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Aman Bhatia aka Bhatia aka Gattu

To describe Bhatia in one line, I would say that he is the personification of Little Johnny with some more brain that he uses sometimes for his studies and most of the times for devising new pranks which he plays on innocent beings who are unaware of his diabolical intentions. You just dont mess with Bhatia because he will always come back at you. To elaborate more on Bhatia his body structure and technical prowess is comparable to Dexter, his wittiness and his spontaneity is comparable to Tenaliram, his agility is comparable to Powerpuff Girls, his tendency to avoid girls is comparable to that of Superman's to avoid Kryptonite and his love for incomprehensible rock music and Chinkis will probably surpass Tendulkar's love for cricket. He is one of the best programmer and is another of the rubic's cube freak of the wing. His ability to sleep in the class is unmatchable. He will stand beside you in your times of trouble and at other times he remains busy in creating troubles for you. He is a person with infinite capabilities. A person who will always succeed in whatever he aims at. I wish you a best of luck for your future.

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