Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Kush Sharma aka Bad** aka Transporter

His characteristics are so dominant that they have become his aliases. Kush is a package of unexpected things. On meeting him, one cannot get any idea of the person who is behind that innocent and smiling face(with a french beard). He is great cycler(can carry 2-3 people on his cycle for which he has earned the nickname Transporter), a great programmer and a great gamer(here we are 'just' talking about the computer games). He is someone who does everything in excess. When he reads, he reads like a maniac. When he watches movie, then there is nothing in his world except movies. When he sleeps, he sleeps like a dead man. His bathing and cleaning habits can disgust you. These along with his eating habits can make you wonder how this guy manages to remain in a condition he is in. As I have already said, he is a package of unexpected things. One day out of nowhere, he writes a poem. Another day, he suddenly starts chatting with some girl. And some another day, he even takes a bath. He is a great writer, a very imaginative person who comes out with some excellent one-liners from time to time. He is very friendly and helpful person. But the part that I really admire about him is that even before coming to IITK, he knew what he wanted to do. And he did whatever he could to achieve it. He could also be ranked as the most talented singer of our wing after me. Do watch out for our duets in the future :).

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Kush said...

"here we are 'just' talking about the computer games"

So sad. I thought I had improved in cricket. :(