Saturday, September 19, 2009

A lost connection

There is a veil between it and me. In fact I think that its a hard sheath. I feel as if I have lost a connection with it. I tried probing it but it remained elusive. I asked it what it wants but it didn't answer. I kept on doing things senselessly. It remained a muted spectator. I damaged myself. It didn't stop. I got driven by my desires. It didn't forbid me. I got selfish. It didn't criticize me. I got complacent. It din't prod me. I put matter over mind but it didn't retaliate. And now, I don't think I know it any more. But it knows me. It sees me. It just prefers not to talk.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Started a new blog

I took Saucy's suggestion and have started a new blog. It has a restricted access and hence no one will be able to read it. I might invite some friends later but as of now, I have no such plans. I have named it 'My Diary'. Its because I actually want this blog to be my diary and also because I didn't have any other name at that time in my mind. I am really very unimaginative. Especially when it comes to naming things.

Coming to the blog, the very fact that no one else could read what I write just encourages me to write down everything that I had wanted to write. Sometimes I need to write to be able to think. Writing helps me organize my thoughts. It sometimes also helps me develop a perspective. Hence, the fact that I would write down nearly everything could prabably help me. At least that is what I think.

By the way, I spent my complete day watching the India, Sri Lanka match. It really was a wastage of time. But I am happy that it wasn't a complete waste. India won and that is actually a great consolation.

I have also registered for CAT. But I really haven't prepared anything till now for the exam. So I am not too hopeful. But in any case, I do intend to study before writing the exam. I really hate when I don't score well. Even when I haven't studied.

From tomorrow onwards, I'll start preparing for it. I have decided to give at least one exam, available on Career Launcher's website, daily. And I'll also study the associated chapters from the CL's study material. I don't know at this point of time whether I actually want to do an MBA or not. But nonetheless, I'll prepare for it. Wish me luck.

Friday, September 11, 2009

These things I'll Never Say

After Beatles and The Nightwatchman, its the Avril time now. I am having her songs played all day on my music player. And of all the songs "These things I'll never say" remains my favourite. I find this song very jubilant and cheerful. You can find an acoustic version on YouTube.

Its so true, isn't it. And here I am not just talking about not being able to say what you feel to someone you like. Even in general, there are many things that we want to say. But we can't. We don't. And may be we shouldn't. Not always.

This thinking of mine is an evidence of our mentality in general. Our here refers to we people who share the same cultural background. It is almost considered a virtue if we keep things to our self, if we avoid confrontations. The situation is so much different in the West (here my observation is restricted to US culture). I see this in the English TV serials. And I also felt it when I was in NY last year. People there just speak up whatever is there in their mind. And other people don't mind it. At least not for too long. But we do. I do and I did and its because we are not used to such blatant expressions of our thoughts.

I am not making any comparisons as to what is good or what is bad. Sometimes its important to keep things to our self lest it causes some irreparable damages. And some other times, its important to speak up your mind. Otherwise these things start to eat you from inside.

We do have our outlets to vent out our latent exasperations from time to time. Sometimes we talk about them, sometimes we write about them. I would like to write about many such things. But then there are many things that I wouldn't share with everyone. And thus there remains many things that I'll never say, to anyone.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

A beggar free Delhi

The world is not a right place to live in for those who don't have money. For long, its laws have been dictated by those who have money, by those who have power. Whether its a country, or a corporation or just a man, if you have power, you can make the world work on your terms. You can make your own laws. You can give your own judgements.

In the wake of the commonwealth games, it has been decided to make Delhi beggar free. Apparently, these beggars are a nuisance for the city. They don't give the right picture of the capital of this great nation. Hence, to make things right, they would be removed from the city. An adult caught begging would be sent to a jail. The children would be sent to juvenile homes. Consideration would however be shown to those who are caught for the first time for begging.

The people from the lowest economic strata and those who don't have any economy have always been dispensable. Most of these people are the migrants from the rural areas who are forced to come to the cities because of the fewer opportunities for earnings back home. This situation has aroused because of the continuous neglect of these rural areas by one government after the other. The major chunk of our resources are poured into the cities. And hence it is but natural for people to migrate there.

But the government has shown the intent that they are not keen on entertaining these people if they can't find themselves a source of living. It would have really called for some mammoth efforts to eradicate poverty from the city. Hence the government took a shortcut. They have instead start eradicating the poor.

It just leaves me wondering at the selfishness and hypocrisy of the affluent class. We want a clean city, a green city, a beggar less city for ourselves. We want the cheap labours at our home and industries. But we don't want the slums where they live. Its as if the mere reason for the existence of the poor in this country is to subsidize the life of the rich. We don't want their problems. We only want their services.

I just wish that the government reconsiders its decision. I agree that it is important to portray a nice picture of our country to the rest of the world. But do we want it at the expense of life of 1 lakh people. Think.