Thursday, August 12, 2010

Just A Thought

I wish I could just write down every random thought that comes in my mind. I would like to see do they make any pattern ? Do they have any relation with each other or not ? To me they are completely random. Most of the times, they are opinions on the things that I encounter. But I do think there is some connection. Mostly in their nature. It is a reflection of my own mentality and mindset. There are things about me which I realize only when they are pointed out.

PS: This relation between thoughts might also have to do something with the distance between 2 vectors in a metric space.I have been reading a lot about that of late.
PPS: Just ignore this post. I am really messed up right now.


Saucy said...

Yes they do make a pattern. It is called Ankit kala or most of the time only Kala.
We are our thoughts. OK our desires too, as the madman said.

Mahak said...

You have to give it a lot of time like 10 years and after that you will be able to see a pattern about your thoughts at that time!!!