Saturday, September 19, 2009

A lost connection

There is a veil between it and me. In fact I think that its a hard sheath. I feel as if I have lost a connection with it. I tried probing it but it remained elusive. I asked it what it wants but it didn't answer. I kept on doing things senselessly. It remained a muted spectator. I damaged myself. It didn't stop. I got driven by my desires. It didn't forbid me. I got selfish. It didn't criticize me. I got complacent. It din't prod me. I put matter over mind but it didn't retaliate. And now, I don't think I know it any more. But it knows me. It sees me. It just prefers not to talk.


Kush said...

Nice one. An abstract entity which remains 'it'. Is it your conscience?

A Neophyte said...

Thanks.. Yes 'it' is the conscious, its the innner self..

Saucy said...

Nice :)

†J said...

See, din't I, all this long, shout n create a hue n cry over your connection ?
(ur network connctn!!)

All PJs apart:

Its not the lost connection, but the re-establishment of your link with your conscience that's made you write this.

suruchi said...

very interesting ankit...:)

A Neophyte said...

thanks :)