Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Saurabh Chaudhary aka Saucy aka RedSauce

All those people who study marketing should take him up as a case study. The nickname Saucy that was chosen by him only (unlike others whose nicknames are kept by their friends) and has since then become so popular that some other people have kept their nicknames on his line. He is a rubic's cube freak. In fact, he is the person responsible for destroying life of many at IIT Kanpur by introducing cubing here. He is a die hard beatle fan. Of late, he sometimes even reply to you through their lyrics. He is a bit introvert and doesnt like to mix with people other than his friend circle. While talking to him on the phone, sometime one even wonders whether there is someone on the other side of the line or not. Thats the kind of guy Saucy is. He is a philosopher, great photographer, a novice painter and a very good writer although he writes very seldomly. And one thing which is completely unique to him is his sleep(and also his alarm clock which is awfully loud and can wake up people who are 2-3 rooms far but just cant wake up Saucy). He is always helpful, sometimes cheerful and sometimes even moody. Always shy to talk to girls. He is a jewel of a person, a friend that everyone must have.

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