Monday, March 30, 2009

Rajesh Kumar Sharma aka ... aka Champs

... has a story behind it which has its origin in our first year. Before coming here, he had read Champak. And he committed the unforgetful error of telling that to our seniors just to find out that a children book became his namesake. Here is a guy whose mere existence can make someone believe in the God. Frankly speaking, the first time when I saw him, I was really surprised or rather shocked. I didn't know god made people like him. His skin was really doing a good job of keeping his body intact. I saw a person who was as thin as a human being can ever be, his eyes buried deep inside his thick specs. And with time, I knew him better and better. I came to know about a person from a small kasba of Madhya Pradesh who is always so simple and so modest. A person without any vanity, a person who is mostly introvert but who very rarely do come out of his shell. Most of the times, you can find him playing some flash games on the internet, or watchig some TV serial or a movie or otherwise sleeping. He is someone who never goes to class and can probably find million reasons for not going but inspite of that you could find people coming to his room for studying. He is someone who never looks outside his plate while eating, someone who is allergic to bath, someone who can make you smile at most unexected times with some most unexpected comments, someone whom you can always trust, someone who is truly Champs.

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