Sunday, March 1, 2009

Exams are back

Exams are back. Just 4 days from now. And like all other exams that I have given during my stay at IITK, I am least prepared for this one also. And I am still not feeling any tension. Advanced Graph algorithms, Probability & Statistics  and Computational Geometry can try all the weapons in their arsenal but I know that none of them can make me study. In fact, every time exams come, I acquire some new habits. And as soon as the exam would end, these things would no longer remain my habits. Every evening, I am playing squash. I am reading articles and news more often than usual. And I am also reading English August. And the book is so cool that I really dont feel as if I am wasting my time by not studying. And the best part is that it happens every time. I am sure that most of the books I have read have been read before the exams, most of the serials and movies I have watched have been watched before the exams.
Well its just the second midsems. As I always say, endsems are still there to make up the things.

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