Friday, July 15, 2011

Rabbits are hungry

Just stop here for a moment. What does the heading suggest you? What things would come in your mind if I write nothing and just stop here? Does the heading have any philosophical interpretations? Does it look like that Nirvana song which doesn't seem to make any sense when you read the lyrics but nonetheless create an enigma because of the very fact that someone somewhere spent some valuable write creating them and thus should be something meaningful and significant? In any case, just give your imagination a rest. Its not something philosophical.

While I was away from my city for two weeks, my flatmates brought home 2 rabbits. Now one of the things that I don't like at my home is animals littering around (yes, even the rabbits). I admire animals but only from a distance. And I dislike it when the get touchy.

From the day that I came back till today, these rabbits just run around from the mere sight of me which is very much to my liking. But today, as the fate would have it, all other flatmates were out of the house leaving me alone with them. At night came a call from one of them asking me to feed them carrots that they have purchased for the rabbits.

So I went into the kitchen, took some carrots and approached the baskets in which they are kept. When I opened the basket, one of them just jumped out and ran while the other one stayed. I gave few pieces of the carrot to the one in the basket and chased the other one to give him some pieces. But he kept running. To cut this long (and apparently boring) description short, at the end of the entire ordeal, I fed both of them, return back to my room and closed the door.

After few minutes, I came out again to find the rabbits waiting for me. They came near me to smell me, to tickle me with my whiskers and their hair.

So the point behind writing all this - even the animals appreciate the gestures. Not that it is something new but still reading it in the books and witnessing it in person is a different thing altogether. And while it still hasn't made me any more animal friendly, I for a starter have started appreciating the bond that can exist between the humans and the animals.


makiitk said...

Welcome back to blogging again....
I agree with your first para, we human beings always try to give some meaning to every thing in our life. We tend to associate something with even most random events, so random lyrics/writings are also not far from our analysis.

Sometimes I feel there is over analysis of even most random and mundane matters. Seeing the financial news, or even our simple "Aaj Tak", it feels that they are ready for "baal ki khaal utarna".

Maybe we need to realize that many things in life are just random happenings and do not need our careful analysis. The joy is in accepting them as they are. So if we hear Nirvana song, or heading "Rabbits are hungry", we do not need to panic and start imagining the reason for their being!

And regarding animals, I like them best on my dining table :P

Ankit said...

@Asif: And you said you didn't like writing long notes :)

Yes, I do agree. We are always running forward to finding a meaning in something. If I remember correctly, Kurt Cobain later gave an interview saying that the song means nothing :P (I could also be wrong about this).

Shreya said...

Honestly i really thought of hungry rabbits :P i really didn't think of philosophical meaning behind this :)

Rabbits are so damn cute na !! (sry for girlish line but its so true)

btw good to see you back :)

Ankit said...

@Shreya: That is not a girlish line. Even my flatmates (all boys :P) find them cute :P

I also feel nice to return to this space.

Tele said...

All I could conclude from this post was:1.You could become a real good 'Rabbit-Nanny' given their fond liking to you NOW. :P
2. Your flatmates planted the Yash Chopra storyline to make you open your hearts to the white-pristine rabbits. A love story in making it seems. *Bollywood does teach quite a lot.
3. Rabbits are hungry!! :P