Tuesday, May 14, 2013

A new phase in life

On many occasions, I have complained about how life has become uninteresting or that nothing is happening. However, last few months have been anything but ordinary.

For starters, I got married. It initially took some time for this feeling to sunk in. But now that it has sunk in, it looks like it was the only obvious direction in which I should have gone. I always used to think that once married, I will have more responsibilities on my shoulders. But now, I think that I have a more strengthened support system.

The other important development is that I resigned from my job and am now pursuing MBA from Indian School of Business. I got the admit letter from the institute only fifteen days after marriage while we were in Goa on our honeymoon. What an occasion to get the news !

It has already been a month since I started with my MBA program. Things are going well as of now. I had thought that it would be difficult to get back into study mode after a two and half year break. But things have gone smoothly. I am liking the classes, the teachers and also my peers. I have also taken up squash again. Although, it would take me significant time to regain the lost stamina. But I am hoping to improve that with time.

And in between the busy schedule, I hope to start writing again.

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Gattu said...

Best of luck for your studies and your life!