Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Expectations !

How we always hear things about life not being so easy for the fairer sex. But sometimes, things can get difficult for boys too(I use boys and not men for the simple reason that I don't feel like a grown up yet). Not that I have much to complain about with all the freedom and so little scrutiny accorded to us for most of our lives. But still, there are times when I feel burdened by the expectations - expectations from the son of the family, from a to-be husband of a household.

Many of these expectations are borne by myself only without anyone imposing them. My family and father in particular have always given me all the freedom to do what I like and pursue what I dream. The expectations are more of a result of the learnings from the society, toeing the line set by the culture and tradition. The expectations are what I have from myself. It is the society which expects a man to earn for his family and I expect the same from myself. I guess this is why I had sought for a partner who could support herself - it would relieve me from an expectation.

I have had this wish since a long time to leave everything behind, to just go to some remote scenic corner of this country and stay there till I get bored of it. But I don't think that this wish will ever materialize. It will possibly remain that regret that people have about the things that they haven't done and that which they so desperately wanted in their life.

PS: I am getting married next year in February. Any one caring to read this post is by default invited :)


Aman said...

That's Big News to be put at the end! Congratulations!

Kush Sharma said...

Why don't you visit south on a week or two of holidays and try to "break free"? :)

Volcano said...

Congratulation Kala.

I think we should call a bachelor party now for you.

Ankit said...

Thank you gentlemen :) Like I said, you are all invited :P

A more formal invitation will however be sent later.

Shreya said...

We all don't like loans, we all wish to lower the baggage. When loved ones do all this for us we instinctly want to return it in any way possible even though we know we can never return it. I feel more than expectation it is responsibility, I should just be happy while doing it or else I'd always keep feeling like doing it for somebody else and the pressure will hold my happiness down which will make them sad.

Anyways enough of that stuff, just a big big congratulations for your new life ahead. :)

Saucy said...

What I will say that unlike the person that we hand in college you look like a very responsible person now.