Wednesday, May 9, 2012

How people pass their time on internet ?

Its been a long time since I last blogged. The desire of writing has mellowed down in the past few months. It is probably a reflection of the fact that I am comfortably settled in this 'job' life. Everything seems to be going smoothly. Too smoothly in fact to bother me to think about other things - which is not necessarily a good thing.

Anyways, the reason I wrote after this long was I was tired of sitting on the internet not knowing what to do. My browser always has some specific 2-3 tabs open. Some of them are either of the 3 news website that I follow: BBC News, The Hindu and CNN-IBN. But the left most is always Gmail. It seems like a kind of OCD - the left most tab always HAS to be gmail. If it isn't, life looks incomplete - seriously !

So, I had almost exhausted most of the news articles. I had checked all the 'updates' on my Facebook account, read few cricket articles on Cricinfo. What else can I do ? Its not a rhetorical question by the way. I would actually like to know how people spend their time on internet. I might be missing on some of the good things out there.


Aman said...

0. Feedly : Syncs your google reader into a nice interface and lets you explore articles by topic

1. Ars Technica : Excellent site for technology news

2. Imgur : If you are looking for fun but there is very little new content everyday.

3. PBS - American Experience : You might find some documentaries there relevant. I would recommend the Bill Clinton one.

Let me know if you find any sites with good editorials/opinion pieces.

Ankit said...

The best editorials/opinions that I have come across are of 'The Economist'. But most of them are not free and you need to take a subscription.

Saucy said...