Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Another Rangoli

It started in 4th year of my college when I participated in a Rangoli competition for the first time. And since then I have been participating in a Rangoli competition once every year. I participated in my fifth year and have done so after coming in Gurgaon.

My company organizes a Diwali party every year few days before Diwali. As a part of celebration the entire staff is divided into different teams and each team is then given a space in the office which they have to decorate. Side by side few members of the team work on Rangoli. A winner is then declared in the end based on the points earned in Rangoli making and pod decoration. This year and also the last year, I participated in Rangoli competition. This is the rangoli that my 3 colleagues and I made this year.

The theme that my team chose this year was "Angry Birds". For those of you don't know what it is its a (pretty addictive) video game played on touch screen devices. The story of the game is that the pigs have stolen the eggs from the birds and the 'angry' birds then take their revenge by breaking the homes of the pig. By the way, does any of the birds actually look angry?

Anyways, we did win the first prize in rangoli this year and I hope this streak of participating in rangoli competition doesn't break. It really feels nice to just stand back and look at what you have made once you are done.


Shreya said...

wow it is such a wonderful rangoli :) earlier i used to make a lot of cartoon characters in rangoli in sch. competitions but now i make them during diwali so traditional designs get a plus. :) Anyways what matters is how it adds colors to our lives ... Happy Diwali :)

Ankit said...

Thanks a lot Shreya :)

And a very happy Diwali to you too.

Rangoli designs said...

Wow, that was an amazing rangoli design! An angry bird theme, so perfect!~ I love it.

- Lyn