Thursday, November 25, 2010

Victory of democracy

I am a happy man today. Indian voters have finally come of age. A man who talked only about development in his election rallies has been handsomely handed a second term of government. And all others have been routed out in style. The strongmen and their spouses and their relatives, near and distant,  have been shown the way out.

It is as much the victory of democracy as it is of Nitish Kumar. The poll results must have reinforced faith in democracy in the minds of many.At least in my case, it did. Suddenly, the idea of India becoming a super power is looking realistic. It is just a beginning and a lot more needs to be done. But the beginning has begun. Hopefully.


Spontaneous said...

I am not an NDA supporter but agree that Nitish Kumar deserves the victory. But a landslide victory such as this heightens expectations of people and incumbency becomes a major factor in future elections. Ram Vilas Paswan has already drawn parallels with Indira Gandhi's landslide victory followed by disgraceful defeat but he should also look at Sheila Dikshit who has won term after term in Delhi. I wish Nitish best of luck in developing Bihar and in the process India.

Saucy said...

May HE bestow same wisdom to people in my state.
When will the redemption say come for U.P.