Friday, June 18, 2010

Hail Indian Railways

I would have been traveling in the train at this moment. But I am not. I am rather sitting in my room writing this post. And this is because my train which was to come from Delhi is late by 6 hours. It is just so frustrating. Indian railways can really get onto one's nerves sometimes. But the good thing is that I checked the status of the train online and didn't go to station. Though had I checked the status in the afternoon, I could have actually book a bus ticket and would have reached home on time. But a lesson has been learned. Its always good to check whether the train has started from the source station on time. Most of the lengthy delays are due to delay in departure from the origin.

Another good thing about the delay is that I would now be able to watch match between England and Algeria. I have never followed any football tournament this closely as I have done this time. Credit for this goes to all those good people who stream sports live on the internet for free. Some credit should also be given to the BCCI and Indian cricket team. To BCCI for scheduling matches so closely that has jaded the spectators. And to the Indian team because their performances over the last few weeks have left me disenchanted with the game for some time to come. (Though I would definitely be watching India vs Pakistan match.)

Coming back to football, what makes tonight's match more interesting is the fact that the media had been very generous while bashing the England team after the draw with USA. And then there is a certain pleasure in seeing the likes of Rooney, Terry, Gerrard, Lampard among others, struggling. I will be cheering for Algeria in this game and would hope to see England joining the European club of losers.

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