Friday, May 21, 2010

From Banaras To Jamshedpur

There is a visible pattern in the transfers my dad has had in past 10 years. We are just going eastwards. From Jodhpur to Kota to Meerut to Agra to Banaras and now to Jamshedpur. This time, he has been transferred in just 6 months. Damn, I hate it. But more than me, my family hates it. My sister was actually correct when she vented out her exasperation and said "You just have to change trains. We have to change homes."

Its pretty hard to leave one place and settle in another. For me actually its no more a problem. I have been a hosteller for last 5 years and would now go to Gurgaon for the job. But for my family, its always problematic. There is packing, moving and again settling in a new home. It takes us months to adjust to a new place. And it becomes more difficult when the new place has altogether different culture. For the first time we would be going to Jharkhand. Believe me, I had never expected that. The only consolation though is that Jamshedpur, as people say, is very planned and developed city. Apparently, there are no municipalities there. The city administration is taken care off by the Tata group.

My sister was to start her CA finals coaching from next week. Her studies are our only major concern. The coaching that she was to join has a branch in Jamshedpur also. I just hope that she has no problem in settling there.


Shanu said...

It almost feels like that I cursed you. I remember telling you "Wait till you end up in Bihar/Jharkhand". I understand that shifting cities can be a pain (especially for your sister). For you, I recommend that you stop calling yourself "Rajasthani". Indian, will just look fine. :)

Ankit said...

Oh yes.. I remember.. And now I want your head :P

And I am always an Indian first and then a Rajasthani.. U can take me out of Rajasthan but can't take Rajasthan out of me :P ..

But seriously man, given the cities where we have lived in, we truly look Indian :)