Saturday, June 20, 2009

The perfect silence

When have you last experienced the perfect silence ?

In a temple ? No, there are always bells ringing and people chanting.

In a mediation room? No, there are always some people who are moving around out of restlessness.

In a class when the teacher demanded to maintain a pin drop silence ? No, we were always disobedient. The more we were told, the more we used to talk.

On a morning walk ? There are always birds singing and people jogging.

On your bed, waiting to get asleep ? No, there is always an insect that is chirping and then there is a fan whose voice is noticed only when you cant sleep in spite of your best efforts.

In a library where you are not supposed to talk ? No, people always do things that they are forbid to do.

While writing an exam? No, your mind is too chaotic to observe silence.

I experienced it last during a conversation. I know it sounds both ironical and absurd but that was really when I last experienced it. While conversing, when you just dont know what to talk about. I thought it was best to let silence fill the gap. There was no restlessness. It was smooth. I just sat looking towards the ground. Trying to look at infinity. Trying to appear thoughtful. I wanted something to happen, someone to disturb me. And at that time I didn't hear any sound of a fan. I just felt an obligation to say something. That was when I experienced that perfect silence.


†J said...


yeah, this silence kills. Eats your brain. When you can't get a single thought out of your stuffed mind. You are point blank.
"The perfect silence. "

Saucy said...

Yeah! Not sure about perfect silence but I've experienced "deafening silence".

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